Platform Scales are designed specifically for use in the food processing, chemical industries and any other industry where resistance to high humidity, high pressure wash down, and corrosive agents are quite often. Variable platform sizes and capacities as per the requirement are available.

1. Bench Scale

bench scale

CAS Brand: The BW Series Bench scale is an ideal scale for use in many industrial applications. With it’s check weigh function and counting feature, the BW Series Bench Scale is sure to serve your needs. Legal for trade

• 150 and 300 lb capacities
• Battery or AC Operated
• AC Adapter included
• Tilt and Swivel Head
• Stainless Steel Platter
• Large LCD Display (0.92 inch)
• Check Weigh Function (Low/OK/High)
• Counting Feature (not legal for trade)
• RS-232
• Legal for Trade


2. Platform Scale

CAS Brand: High Resolution Scale

HDI Series is an advanced bench scale with high resolution and various functions. It is suitable for use in parts  production, paint industry and logistics center. It can be connected to various printers for data collection and
offers great mobility with its rechargeable battery.

• High-Resolution Weighing
• External Resolution: 1/15,000
• Counting & Percent mode Support
• Check-Weighing function
• Easy operation with 9 function keys
• Rechargeable Battery
• 10 label printing formats supported


Connectable with various sizes of weighing platform scales for versatile applications such as open markets and retail stores. DBI offers various convenient functions including counting, weight comparison and percentage functions at economic price.

• 3,000 division with OIML approval
• Ticket print-out (DEP-50)
• Calculation functions
• RS-232C interface

CAS Brand: CI-200 SERIES

Industrial Platform Scales.

• 304 Stainless Steel IP67 Enclosure • •
• Counting, Percent mode.
• RS-232C interface
• Password Protected • • • • • •
• Hi/Lo Alarm
• Ticket print-out (DEP-50)
• Calculation functions


CAS Brand: HFS Series Floor Scale

Industrial Platform Scales 4 Load Cell based. The CAS HFS Series is designed to provide years of dependable
service in harsh industrial environments.

• .25“ Anti-skid diamond plate deck
• 150% overload protection
• Top access adjustable feet
• Side access junction box
• Cable length: 16 ft
• Double shielded load cell cable
• Four environmentally sealed NTEP approved load cells
• Tubular Steel Beam Technology produces a floor scale of uncompromising strength.
• Provides 150% overload protection