Load cell is a passive transducer or sensor which converts applied force into electrical signals.

Based up on looks, they can be classified as :

1. Shear Beam Type Load Cells

Beam Type Load Cell



Applications include filling machinery, industrial floor scales, tank and silo weighing plus diverse applications in on board vehicle weighing, medical equipment and process control.




2. Compression Load cells

Compression Load Cell


Compression load cells are ideally suited to high accuracy applications in truck and railway scales, tank and silo weighing and in heavy duty industrial scales.




3. Single point Load cells

Single point Load cells


Single point load cells are purpose-designed for high accuracy applications in retail and industrial scales, packaging machinery, on board weighing systems and medical devices.




4. Pancake Load cell

Pancake Load cell


Typical applications are hoppers, tanks and silos, however these versatile components are used in a wide variety of industrial situations.




5. S-Type -Tension Load cell

S type Load Cell


S-type cells include suspended tank and silo weighing in the process weighing sector, patient hoists in the medical device sector and tensile test machines in the test and measurement sector.